Service Trips

FBC has long been a symbol of outreach and hope. Throughout the year, the church supports many local, national and global service organizations with its time, talents and resources. The congregation also participates in several American Baptist offerings as part of our wider mission.

Responding to a call to reach out even further, First Baptist has been organizing regular service trips outside of Massachusetts since 1993.  Additionally, the Senior High Fellowship has had a history of going on a service trip over their April vacation in past years.

Plymouth, NC

In both 2016 and 2018, our Mission Team traveled to Plymouth, North Carolina. The group from First Baptist had the joy of working with Coastal Carolina Rebuilding Ministry (CCRM), a mission that grew out of the Plymouth United Methodist Church. The CCRM mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. They are committed to helping low-income people, those who are at risk of becoming low-income and communities in need: “We respect the integrity, strengths and assets of all people. We strengthen lives, homes and communities.” After several years of canceled service trips due to COVID, we will again travel to Plymouth in the summer of 2023.

A unique feature of our Mission Teams is that we welcome volunteers of all ages, including young children.  The 2018 service trip included four members who were seven and younger, teenagers, young adults, lots of adults and some very wise seniors!   Stay tuned for more information about our next domestic service trips!


In 2017 a Mission team from FBC spent a week living with and serving alongside the people of Apantillo, an isolated community of subsistence farmers.  During that time the hearts and imagination of those on the trip were blessed by the people met and the good work of AMOS: Health and Hope which empowers local communities to improve their health.   In response to God’s leading, the FBC team returned to Beverly and encouraged FBC as a congregation to enter into a four year partnership (renewable) to provide the funding for AMOS as a public health ministry, to resource the local community to improve their health.

From 2017 – 2020 FBC provided up to $9,000 per year (from member donations and from the FBC budget/funds) which provided basic health care for the 1,300 residents of Apantillo. In particular, the lives of mothers, infants and children improved and lives were saved!  All for the modest investment of $9,000.  Praise God for this partnership between FBC in Beverly with AMOS and the beautiful people of Apantillo!

Please enjoy this video below from July 2021 as AMOS and the people of Apantillo offer their thanks to the people of FBC and give praise to God, who is the source of every good gift.  To learn more about AMOS go to

In 2017, we were blessed to fly to Nicaragua to work with AMOS Health & Hope, a public health ministry in Nicaragua led by two American Baptist Medical Missionaries, Dr. David Parajon and Dr. Laura Parajon. AMOS strives to empower 22 rural communities and one urban clinic in Managua to improve their physical and mental health by identifying resources of leadership from within each community.

We worked with the community of Apantillo, a village of 1300 situated in the beautiful mountains of central Nicaragua, to install water filters in homes, conduct a daily Bible School for children, staff a clinic testing for anemia, and spend time learning from and getting to know the local community.

Upon returning from the mission, we recommended First Baptist we become a ‘Partner Congregation to AMOS’. We committed to provide financial support to AMOS for up to $9000 for each of the next four years. This $9000 fully funds the AMOS program, providing basic health care for the 1300 people of Apantillo. This includes: funding for Ada Luz (the only health provider for the entire village), a basic pharmacy for the community, education resources, immunizations for children, and monthly supplemental visit by AMOS doctors and nurses. This commitment literally saves lives.  

In addition the team raised $1000 for the purchase of a 5000 gallon water tank for the village center of Apantillo, where the church and clinic are. The money for this project was provided by members of First Baptist Beverly, Trinity Church in Northboro and First United Baptist Church in Lowell. The tank will be installed in September 2017. 

Past Service Trips

1993: Anadarko, Oklahoma, working with Anadarko Christian Center of the American Baptist Churches, USA 

1995: Kodiak, Alaska, working with Kodiak Baptist Mission of the American Baptist Churches, USA 

1997: Neon, Kentucky, working with HOMES, Inc. 

2000: Lodge Grass, Montana, working with the Crow Agency 

2002: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, working with Saint James Missionary Baptist Church

2004: Muskogee, Oklahoma, working with Bacone College

2006: New Iberia, Louisiana, working with South Mutual Help Association

2008: Lafitte, Louisiana, , working with South Mutual Help Association 

2010: Oak Hill, West Virginia, working through the United Methodist ChurchWest Virginia Volunteers in Mission 

2012: Mission, South Dakota, working with the Tree of Life Ministry 

2014: Neon, Kentucky, working with HOMES, Inc. 

2016: Plymouth, North Carolina, working with Coastal Caroline Rebuilding Mission

2017: Nicaragua, working with AMOS Health & Hope

2018: Plymouth, North Carolina, working with Coastal Caroline Rebuilding Mission