The Most Boring Summer Ever: Plugging Into Where You Are

Come be “Bored” with Us this Summer at FBC Beverly!

You’re invited to unplug from your devices, plug into the world all around with us, and to see what takes place.

Boredom, in this sense, is a positive tool that we’re hoping leads us to creativity and real connection over the course of the summer. We plan to plug into the world around us as we plan canoe trips, walks in the woods, picnics on the beach & even some tidepooling after worship! There are plenty of chances to come out and be bored with us!

Take a peek at our Summer Bucket List featured below, detailing our events and what dates to save if you’re around. There are even be a few blank spaces for you to freestyle & write in your own boredom aspirations!

The Summer Events will run from June 22nd through September 22nd. There will ALSO be a book group jointly led by Julie and Daniel, meeting on Tuesdays in July from July 9th through July 30th. We will be reading Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle. We will have copies of the book on hand for people who wish to pick one up from us (there is a suggested donation of $18 to help cover their cost) or, of course, folks can find a copy at a bookstore of their choice or the local library!

Get ready for the most boring summer EVER with us! We can’t wait!

Check Out our *NEW* Summer 2024 FBC Beverly Bucket List!