Mobility Accommodations

The entire FBC Beverly building is fully accessible, with all outer doors at street level, automatic doors at both the front and back of the church, and an elevator running between all floors.

We planned our sanctuary with the full inclusion of every congregation member in mind. Our sanctuary has multiple places in the front, middle, and rear where pews have been removed and changed for smaller, moveable pews, which allows those in wheelchairs to worship within the gathered group, rather than off to the side or in the rear.  The smaller flexible seating pews mean it is also easy for family or friends attending with someone in a wheelchair to sit right next to him or her.


Hearing Aids

We offer portable hearing aids that work with our sound system to allow those worshipping to better hear the service if needed. If you would like to use one of these aids, please see the greeter on your way in or one of the ushers.


Accommodations for Young Children

We have a special, smaller children’s bathroom in the main floor childcare area with a lower and smaller toilet, making it easy for young children to use – and easy for children who are potty training. Please see Families with Children for more information regarding how we welcome children in our church community.


Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

While mothers are welcome to nurse their children wherever and whenever is comfortable, including in the Sanctuary during worship service, we realize that some mothers prefer more privacy.

One option is the Lounge at the rear of the Sanctuary. The Lounge has comfortable couches and chairs, as well as wide doors open to the Sanctuary, allowing parents a comfortable environment with full view of the worship service. The Lounge also has a speaker system that connects with the Sanctuary sound system.

A second option is the Parents’ Lounge on the lower level of the building, with a couch, rocking chair, and toys for young children. This room also has a set of speakers so that parents and caregivers are able to hear the worship service from the space that best suits the needs of their families.