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November 28, 2016

There are many ways to move through and mark the passing of time in the Advent season as we move toward Christmas – you can make use of an Advent wreath or Advent calendar to count down the weeks or days, you can listen to music of the season, you can come to weekly worship, you can read a morning devotion – or any number of other personal traditions you may have!

Here are First Baptist Church in Beverly, we, too, are making use of many of those traditional ways of moving through the season AND we will be following Rethink Church’s Photo-a-Day Advent Challenge as we reflect and move through the season. We invite you to join us in this new tradition, whether by taking and posting your own pictures each day or just by following ours here on our website, on Instagram, or on Facebook.

For those who are interested in posting their own pictures, the list of focus words by day is included below. If you post them, you can use #RethinkChurch and #RethinkAdvent to tag them!

Join us on this journey toward Christmas as, together, we rethink Advent.