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Some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them...But you keep the promise anyway. That’s what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. ~John Green

Life is, for all of us, a journey.

Like the ancient Israelites in the Exodus story, bound for the Promised Land, we are constantly moving, growing, learning and changing.

Life is a journey that takes us down through low valleys of worry, sorrow, uncertainty, and fear; and it is a journey that takes us up to the highest mountaintop experiences of great joy and celebration.

Life is a journey, but it is a journey on which we are never alone.

Like those ancient Israelites, we, too, are living into a promise — God’s promise.

We are living into God’s promise of love and hope, joy and comfort, peace and justice.

We are living into God’s promise of all that is for us as people, as a community, and as God’s church.

Most importantly, we are constantly living into God’s promise of what is still yet to be for us as people, as a community, and as God’s church.

So, come, wherever you are on your personal journey and in your personal relationship with God.

Come, set your feet to the path.

Come, journey together with us as we are

Living into the Promise!

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Unprecedented $18.3 Million Collaboration Secures Senior Affordable Housing for Decades to Come
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The purpose for the blog is to engage the mind, heart and imagination of people outside and within the church.


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Sharing our Blessings, Gifts, and Talents

First Baptist Church is a community that is committed to putting what is preached into practice. There are opportunities for service at the Monday Night Suppers and Tuesday/Saturday lunches; at our satellite ministries (Harborlight Nursery School, Harborlight House, Turtle Creek/Turtle Woods, and Harborlight Community Partners); through Beverly Bootstraps’ Outreach Programs; at Beverly’s River House homeless shelter; and by participating mission trips or other outreach opportunities.

Service is also encouraged through our Lay Visitation Ministry Team, our church school program, and our varied Committees and Boards.
Ours is a calling to share the love with which we have been blessed, to awake to the needs and opportunities for service all around us.