Tools to Tackle Life’s Challenges

Faith is a journey, not a destination. At First Baptist, a commitment to adult education encourages adults to continue to work on their faith, to question, to wonder, and to set our sails to catch the wind of learning and exploration. New class members are always welcome in our adult classes, at any point in the year. Childcare is provided on Sunday morning starting at 9:30 a.m.



Sunday Morning at 9:30 AM

Adult Bible Study

This class, facilitated by Rev. Beth Loughhead, meets in the Mary Kuell Room on the lower level and enjoys lively discussions while studying a variety of texts, both biblical and academic. If you are looking for interesting study and discussion that can lead to new insight, then this is the class for you.

Faith Journey

Faith Journey Class: ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace? A Biblical study on Grace and
the blessing it is for each life.’ Come join the journey!

Mae Patten Class

This class meets in the Lounge behind the Sanctuary to study the scripture and other books and discuss how it may apply to our lives. This group, co-led by Andrea Stackpole and Barbara Brann-Weir, caters to students of all learning levels and styles and always welcomes the addition of new members on Sunday mornings.


Classes Throughout the Month

Facebook Bible Study

For those who are looking for an additional educational opportunity, or for a class that can easily fit into any schedule, we are offering an online version of our Bible Study classes, led by Rev. Julie Flowers. Check it out by searching Facebook for “First Baptist Church Facebook Bible Study.”

Theology on Tap

This group meets the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM at Chianti on Cabot Street in Beverly to discuss theology and questions of faith. This monthly gathering, led by Rev. Julie Flowers, is open to everyone and drop-in participants are always welcome!

Inquiry/New Member Classes

Come learn the ABC’s of FBC with Kent Harrop! This class meets as need dictates and new members and friends of FBC are always welcome! Want to learn more about FBC Beverly, its ministries, histories, beliefs, and satellites? All are welcome to come and learn more. Contact Kent if you are interested!