Compassion Fund

First Baptist Church in Beverly has established a $25,000 fund to provide emergency financial assistance to those in our church community who may be especially affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, and resulting shutdowns, lay-offs and the like. We are calling this our Compassion Fund. Below are its keys elements:

  • Potential recipients include not just church members, but all those (and their immediate families) who have a connection to our church, whether by attending church worship services, by participating in church sponsored programs of any kind, or as employees or volunteers at the church or its outreach ministries. Recipients do not need to live in Beverly.
  • Awards are expected to be approx. $500 per family or individual, but awards up to $1,000 may be made in special circumstances. All will be in the form of grants, not loans.

If you or someone you know needs financial assistance due to the pandemic:

To apply, please go the following link and complete the form: or call 978-927-1561

  • If you have a financial need arising out of the pandemic and wish to be considered for assistance, please complete and send in the application form as indicated above.
  • If you know of someone in our broader church family who has such a need and might not otherwise be aware of our Compassion Fund, please encourage them to apply.
  • All applications and information relating to this program will be kept strictly confidential except as necessary to review and process the awards, and in order to issue checks and payments by the church.