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Immigration and Deportation: How did we get here?

May 10, 2017

As a nation, we are living in a time of heightened tension and debate
regarding our immigration and refugee policy and how to treat 11 million
undocumented neighbors. How do our faith traditions inform us? What can
people of faith do?
The Beverly Multifaith Coalition and ECCO are hosting a series of ‘community
educational forums’ designed to educate local communities of faith and
interested individuals on issues related to immigration and deportation. We
hope these forums will serve to educate and empower communities of faith
and people of conscience to get involved.

When: Monday, May 15th, 7 p.m
Where: First Baptist Church, 221 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA
What: Join the Beverly Multifaith Coalition and ECCO for our first forum.
Through an interactive presentation, Drs. Rob McAndrews and Alexandra
Piñeros Shields will offer overview and history of immigration and deportation
policy in the US. Dr. McAndrews is an immigration attorney, professor of
Sociology at Salem State University, and member of the North Shore Zen
Center in Beverly. Dr. Piñeros Shields is the Executive Director of ECCO, with
20 years of experience working on immigration reform