Worship Services

Gathering together for times of worship offers us the opportunity to center ourselves in the midst of a busy world, to renew our strength, to respond to God’s loving and leading call to love the challenges before us. In worship, we find strength in one another, in our faith, in the scripture, and in our God. Our worship life is central to our experience as a community of faith and is a time in which all, visitors and old friends alike, are warmly welcomed. Come, just as you are, and be a part of the worship experience at First Baptist Church in Beverly.

Christmas Season Services

  • December 10 at 11AM: Music Sunday
  • December 18 at 8PM: Messiah Concert at First Parish
  • December 21 at 7PM: Longest Night Service, designed with periods of quiet for reflection

December 24: CHRISTMAS EVE

  • 11AM: Worship
  • 5PM: Worship ending in candlelight. All children encouraged to participate!
  • 11PM: Candlelight service of lessons and carols


  • Adult Education Hour (Childcare provided)

  • Worship Service 
    Located in the Sanctuary. Child program provided.

  • Middle School Fellowship

  • Senior High Fellowship



  • Theology on Tap
    Located at Chianti
    285 Cabot St. Beverly MA
    This group meets the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM to discuss theology and questions of faith. This monthly gathering, led by Rev. Julie Flowers, is open to individuals of any faith tradition or spiritual belief and drop-in participants are always welcome


  • Lectio Divina
    Located in Rev. Kent Harrop’s office, or at various outdoor locations in the summer 
    This weekly spiritual practice is held each Wednesday 7:30 – 8:00 in the morning (main floor office suite) Meaning “meditate on the Word,” Lectio Divina consists of silent contemplation of a chosen Biblical passage, communion and prayer.