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Children’s Sunday School Fall 2020

Virtual Sunday School Update for Sunday, November 22nd AND Virtual Christmas Pageant Rehearsals to Begin!

Our Virtual Sunday School for our children continues to roll along more creatively and with more energy and joy than we even could have guessed or hoped at the outset of this program year, as we began this virtual classroom experiment! Our teachers are working hard to bring the best energy, Bible and faith teaching, and joy to our virtual space each week that they can, and our children are the true heroes of the sessions, as they come energized, engaged, inquisitive, and ready to make our virtual learning hour the best it can be! Our thanks go to everyone who is working so hard and being so flexible to make this Sunday School experience work!

This coming Sunday, we will not gather in the virtual classroom as we typically do, due to the Drive-By (or walk-by, dance-by, bike-by, stroll-by, however-you-come-by) Thanks-Giving Sunday (to drop off pledge cards) AND Advent-in-a-Box Kit pick-up event, also happening at 221 Cabot Street from 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (a reminder to all those coming by that event to please wear a mask and make sure to adhere to all social distancing/COVID-safety protocols!).

We will however be posting two videos – one for our friends in Grade 2 and younger and one for our Grade 3 and up group – on our Facebook page and website for our children and families to access, either on Sunday at our usual time or at any time that is convenient for you – so that children – and especially our friends who join us from other parts of the country and who cannot do the drive-by event with us – still have something special just for them this week and a class experience to access! Parents and families, please feel free to access those videos at any time!

ADDITIONALLY, we wanted to put out one last call for any interested VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS PAGEANT participants! Our children and youth will begin rehearsing for our virtual pageant after Thanksgiving, so Julie will be putting finishing touches on the script and getting it out this week. There is a part for any friend who might want one – speaking or non-speaking – so please let Julie know ( by this Friday morning, November 20th, at 10:00 a.m. if your child/youth would like to participate and, if so, if they would prefer a speaking or non-speaking role. We don’t want to miss anyone who might like to join in the fun!

Thank you to all our families – and all our children and youth – for making our 2020 Christian Education programs so joyful, despite the unusual times!


November Gratitude Journal Prompts


Middle School/Senior High:

Special Opportunity for Middle School and High School Youth and Families to Meet with Rev. Jaimie Crumley

Middle School and High School aged learners and families – here is a special opportunity for you! Rev. Jaimie Crumley, our new Virtual Ministry Associate, has an amazing background in creating learning opportunities for youth in your age groups AND she is excellent and creative in terms of creating programs in the virtual space. She would LOVE to help create a specific learning opportunity/Christian Education class for YOU that works for your needs and hopes and at a time that would be good for you. TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN, SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP! We would like to set up a virtual meeting for youth and families with Jaimie to talk about what you would love to see – and for her to get to know you and you to get to know her.

Please email Julie and Jaimie together ( and if you would be interested in this initial conversation and in sharing with Jaimie about what you would most love in creating a Christian Education class and space that’s perfect for you!



Watch Abby Johnstone’s Stepsitters children’s message from First Baptist Church in Beverly’s Sunday, August 30, 2020 service.


Children’s Bells

Periodically, throughout the church school year, our younger children will also have the opportunity to try their hand at ringing children’s handbells (color-coded to the notes). Stay tuned for more information on Children’s Bells!