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Children’s Sunday School Fall 2020

(Updated October 14, 2020)

We had our first Virtual Sunday School class for our children, and it was a WONDERFUL experience! (Not as wonderful as seeing our friends in person, of course, but still wonderful!)

We will have our second class this coming Sunday (October 18th) from 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., and we encourage everyone to join us for fun and learning. The login information/password for the class will be emailed to all registered families/participants – so if you have not yet had the chance to register your child(ren) for the class and would like to, please do so at Once registered, you will be added to the email list to receive all needed login information and updates!

Our Sunday School classes for children will meet virtually EACH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST WEEK! On the first week of every month, Sunday School will be an in-person event (picking up your supply crate and a hands-on activity) in the parking lot of the church.

There is always room for more friends to join in the fun!

ALSO, FOR OUR OLDER LEARNERS: Please note that it is NOT TOO LATE to email Julie ( and Jaimie ( to let them know if your older learner(s) is/are interested in meeting with Jaimie and in potentially helping to plan/dream about a special educational/discussion experience just for them! IF you are interested in this opportunity, please let Julie know NO LATER THAN Sunday, October 18th!

Middle School/Senior High:

Special Opportunity for Middle School and High School Youth and Families to Meet with Rev. Jaimie Crumley

Middle School and High School aged learners and families – here is a special opportunity for you! Rev. Jaimie Crumley, our new Virtual Ministry Associate, has an amazing background in creating learning opportunities for youth in your age groups AND she is excellent and creative in terms of creating programs in the virtual space. She would LOVE to help create a specific learning opportunity/Christian Education class for YOU that works for your needs and hopes and at a time that would be good for you. TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN, SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP! We would like to set up a virtual meeting for youth and families with Jaimie to talk about what you would love to see – and for her to get to know you and you to get to know her.

Please email Julie and Jaimie together ( and if you would be interested in this initial conversation and in sharing with Jaimie about what you would most love in creating a Christian Education class and space that’s perfect for you!



Watch Abby Johnstone’s Stepsitters children’s message from First Baptist Church in Beverly’s Sunday, August 30, 2020 service.


Children’s Bells

Periodically, throughout the church school year, our younger children will also have the opportunity to try their hand at ringing children’s handbells (color-coded to the notes). Stay tuned for more information on Children’s Bells!