Staff & Leadership

The ministerial staff of the First Baptist Church in Beverly operate in a Team Ministry, to the fullest extent.

The Team Ministry concept is based on the theological principle that all ministries and all persons are of equal value and importance in the eyes of God. In the same way, all ministries and all persons are equally needed in order for the church to function fully and properly.

The model of ministry that Jesus offers us is one of mutuality, partnership, and servanthood. Practically speaking, this means that all the three ministers are on equal footing. All three ministers have been called by the congregation and are accountable and answerable to the congregation. The three ministers share worship leadership, preaching, and all pastoral care concerns as mutually agreed upon.

The role of the Church Council

The Church Council serves as a place and a forum for representatives from all of the church’s Committees and Boards to come together along with staff and the Moderator and Church Clerk to do long-term planning, focus on ideas about church growth, to do some work with the budget process, and to help implement ideas that come from the church at large, as well as to send ideas along for the consideration of the wider congregational body at the Mid-Year and Annual Meetings.

Who we are