Music from the Church

A Look Back at the Facebook Music Sessions with Esther

(Which Ran Every Other Friday at 1:00pm from the Spring of 2020 through Summer of 2021)

Our music director, Dr. Esther Chang, performed musical compilations from Spring of 2020 through Summer of 2021 through Facebook Live which you can view at anytime at, even if you do not have a Facebook account. You may also find the Friday videos on our YouTube channel (First Baptist Church Beverly Massachusetts). Our videos are available to you anytime as a spiritual resource. We hope they will be a blessing to you. Please feel free to share them as a resource for your loved ones.  **We are suspending Music with Esther for the time being as more virtual offerings will be coming out this fall.

View the archive here.

Music from Easter Virtual Worship 2021

Music Sunday Performances

Music is a vibrant part of the worship experience and faith life here at First Baptist Church, led by Dr. Esther Chang. In addition to providing music during our Worship services, in December and May we have Music Sunday, a worship experience showcasing the skills of our music program.

We are also proud of our organ, designed by Thad H.H. Outerbridge , which consists of forty-five ranks, thirty-seven couplers, forty-three combination pistons, six reversibles, and 2,322 pipes.

View the Full Archive of Music HERE


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