Mission Trip

FBC has long been a symbol of outreach and hope. Throughout the year, the church supports many local, national and global service organizations with its time, talents and resources. The congregation also participates in several American Baptist offerings as part of our wider mission.

Responding to a call to reach out even further, First Baptist has been organizing regular mission trips outside of Massachusetts since 1993.


Mission Trip 2016

Our Mission Team traveled to Plymouth, North Carolina. The group from First Baptist had the joy of working with CROSS (Christians Reaching Out in Sacred Service), a mission of Plymouth United Methodist Church. The CROSS mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. They are committed to helping low-income people, those who are at risk of becoming low-income and communities in need: “We respect the integrity, strengths and assets of all people. We strengthen lives, homes and communities.”

For more information about our next domestic mission trip (Summer 2018), please contact Rev. Beth Loughhead 

Mission Trip 2017

We were blessed to fly to Nicaragua to work with AMOS Health & Hope, whose mission is to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health, education and development.

If you’d like more information about Nicaragua and our partnership with AMOS, contact Rev. Kent Harrop 

Past Mission Trips

1993: Anadarko, Oklahoma, working with Anadarko Christian Center of the American Baptist Churches, USA 

1995: Kodiak, Alaska, working with Kodiak Baptist Mission of the American Baptist Churches, USA 

1997: Neon, Kentucky, working with HOMES, Inc. 

2000: Lodge Grass, Montana, working with the Crow Agency 

2002: Rocky Mount, North Carolina, working with Saint James Missionary Baptist Church

2004: Muskogee, Oklahoma, working with Bacone College

2006: New Iberia, Louisiana, working with South Mutual Help Association

2008: Lafitte, Louisiana, , working with South Mutual Help Association 

2010: Oak Hill, West Virginia, working through the United Methodist Church, West Virginia Volunteers in Mission 

2012: Mission, South Dakota, working with the Tree of Life Ministry 

2014: Neon, Kentucky, working with HOMES, Inc. 

2016: Plymouth, North Carolina, working with Christians Reaching Out in Sacred Service

2017: Nicaragua, working with AMOS Health & Hope