How do you describe your church community
How does First Baptist Church in Beverly practice communion? Do I need to be a Baptist to attend service or participate in communion?
Do I have to dress formally to attend your worship service?
What opportunities are there for adults?
What opportunities are there for youth?
What volunteer opportunities are in the church?
Do I need to be an official church member to participate in service/programs/outreach?
How can I join one of the musical programs?
Where can I see some previous sermons?
What do American Baptists believe?
What does Welcoming and Affirming mean?
What accessibility accommodations are available?
Is childcare available?
If I don't attend your church, will the clergy perform services (weddings, funerals) for me?
What facilities do you rent out?
Where do I park?
How do I contact the ministers? What are your office hours?