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What are the spiritual resources that God gives us to make it through the journey of this life? Join host Jaimie Crumley and special guests for the first season of “Cloud and Fire,” a podcast and video series produced by the First Baptist Church in Beverly, MA. New episodes are released each Wednesday. Our theme music is by FBC member Bekah Silva. During the first season, Jaimie and her guests explore the theme of Steadfast Love. Join us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Facebook, and YouTube. Remember to share the podcast with someone you love!

Follow Cloud and Fire on Facebook and Instagram @cloudandfirepod. Join us as we work together to get home safely.

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Welcome to God in the Wild, a podcast that was hosted by Rev. Kent Harrop (prior to his retirement) and produced by the First Baptist Church in Beverly, Massachusetts. You can join Kent as he goes into the wild to lose his mind and to find his soul!

Watch God in the Wild from our time with Rev. Kent Harrop below: