News Update 8/21/2020

Captions on Worship Services

In our most recent Bulletin newsletter, we included a troubleshooting/tips piece, helpfully written by Pam Constantine, to help address some of the most common questions we have received about how to most fully enter into and enjoy virtual worship during this time.
Jessica Dusak, another member of our FBC Beverly, took Pam’s tips for turning on the captions on the virtual service for those who would prefer watching with them on, and made a video that illustrates each step as you go! We are sharing that with you here, for those who might like a step by step tutorial on navigating their way to getting captions for the service turned on!
Thanks to both Pam and Jessica for their work in helping to ensure that we can best help each other join together in virtual worship and be able to enter into that time as fully and as seamlessly as possible!


Clarifying On How YOU Can Help Build Community!

Hello Church Family!


We realized we had made an error in our most recent Bulletin newsletter, in our article about creative ways that you can help create community within the church family in these COVID times!


We inadvertently conflated two aspects of the Governor’s most recent COVID orders – and we would like to clarify here to make sure we are giving you the most accurate information in these changing times.


For OUTDOOR GROUPS, the limit on the TOTAL NUMBER that can gather, in private space, is EITHER 8 people per 1000 square feet OR 25, whichever number is lower. The group must be spaced out for distancing, of course. The 10-person gathering number has to do with a recent aspect of the COVID orders, which says that in Massachusetts right now, at gatherings with 10 or more people who are not related, everyone (over the age of 2) must have a mask on throughout the event.


We wanted to clarify that the total number at the gathering can exceed 10, as long as you have the space to do it!


We apologize for that conflation of information!


Here’s the building community, creatively and safely, in these COVID times!