Rick Harris and the Transition Team

We are so grateful for the 120 responses to the Survey!!!

Thank you for your time and very thoughtful answers!!!

Thank you too, to the individuals who have written us via the “Listening Ears box”.  We have ‘heard’ you!

Some members have asked us “What’s Next”?

We are now in the midst of “data analysis”.  Meeting, discussing the responses and talking with Rick to lead us to the development of the Pastoral Leadership Staffing model(s).  Rick and the Transition Team met twice during Rick’s time at FBC last week.

Our Timeline (really) hasn’t changed:

  • Survey closed on 2/10/2020. Responses have been aggregated and distributed.
  • Review and data analysis has begun.
  • Julie and Kent have received the responses as well.
  • Rick returns to FBC 3/16/2020 through 3/23/2020 and will be meeting with Julie and Kent, as well as the Transition Team.
  • We are still hoping to have Pastoral Leadership Staffing model options by the end of March.


We may be on the quiet side during this time, however, please do not hesitate to talk with us at anytime.

We Welcome Your Input!


Rev. Rick Harris and the Transition Team We’d Love to Hear from You!

The Transition Team is thinking about our Church, our Missions and Programs, and we’d love to hear from you about your hopes and dreams for moving into 2020 and beyond!

Yes, we started later that we wanted to but this team’s purpose is to be the listening ears for Rick since he is only here 1-week of each month. We encourage you to talk with anyone or all of the team members regarding your thoughts and feelings on what has happened this past year, since Beth Loughhead left the ministry of FBC, and in whatever way works best for you. If you haven’t already seen it there is a “Listening Ears” Box with cards to write us.

The result of Rick’s work with all of us and the Transition Team will be the options Rick presents to us, the Congregation, to adopt as our staffing model going forward. These Options will be voted on by us, the Congregation to select the one which we will implement in 2020.

We thank you in advance for sharing your views with us. We look forward to talking with you!


More About Rick:

Rick lives with his wife Anne near Philadelphia. They have an adult daughter, Ericka. He is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and is active with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America. For over 25 years Rick was the Pastor of First Baptist Church of North Oxford in Massachusetts. Later he served as the Director of Personnel Services for the American Baptist Churches/USA. Rick is retired and, on occasion, serves as an interim/consultant for churches that intrigue him. He served for one year as an interim minister, here at First Baptist in 2012.

Rick’s goal is to listen closely to the hopes and dreams of the congregation. With our Staff Administration Committee and church staff, he has formed a Transition Team, to develop a process to build upon our church goals (approved in May 2018) and to consider our church system and the best long term staffing model, to help us accomplish our goals and live into our core values. Rick will be onsite with First Baptist one week per month for approx. 6 months. Rick’s first week-long visit was in September, 2019.


The Transition Team members and contact information:


*Rick Harris – email: rharris@fbcbeverly.org; phone (when in Beverly) FBC: 978-922-3295

Jan Armstrong – email: jan3gram@comcast.net; phone: 978-927-1596

Cassie Bartolo – email: myemailcassandrabartolo@gmail.com; phone: 978-810-1515

Lindsay Ducharme – email: lindsayducharme25@gmail.com; phone: 978-284–0197 (text too)

Elly Flowers – email: ellyflowers09@comcast.net; phone: 978-927-4968

Suzanne Harlow – email: suzanneharlow99@gmail.com; phone: 978-578-5993

Diana Marginean – email: dianam@brandeis.edu; phone: 978-412-5072

John Thomson – email: jcthomson@fbcbeverly.org; phone: 508-344-4666 ·

Gloria Stoneham – email: gloria.stoneham@gmail.com; phone: 978-239-0982 (text too)

Josh Sykes – email: sykes.joshua@gmail.com


Ask us a question. Tell us something. Want us to contact you?

Email Rick at rharris@fbcbeverly.org