About Us

First Baptist Church in Beverly is a Christian church in the American Baptist tradition, that is a welcoming community for all people, regardless of their faith background or tradition.  The church is a progressive congregation, whose heart is rooted in social justice and advocacy work.  The church family seeks to be highly involved in the life of the wider community and to respond to its needs in a variety of ways, ranging from financial support to systemic change of support networks for vulnerable populations.  We are a church family made up of people of all ages – from infants to older adults.  We are children, families, and individuals; we are straight, we are LGBTQ individuals, we are from all parts of the gender spectrum, each uniquely and wonderfully created, each one of us a child of God; we come from all types of backgrounds and unique stories, and come together here in this church home.  This is a church community with room and love for all.

First Baptist Church is affiliated with The American Baptist Churches, USA; the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, the Alliance of Baptists, and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an open, welcoming, diverse fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to carrying out his teachings.

As the church sustains our faith through worship and study, we will sustain and nurture each other, working and talking together and acting upon the concerns and celebrations of our church community. We seek to balance spiritual development and social action in order to share God’s love with others by shining our mission light at home and beyond.