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Gathering together for times of worship offers us the opportunity to center ourselves in the midst of a busy world, to renew our strength, to respond to God’s loving and leading call to love the challenges before us. In worship, we find strength in one another, in our faith, in the scripture, and in our God. Our worship life is central to our experience as a community of faith and is a time in which all, visitors and old friends alike, are warmly welcomed. Come, just as you are, and be a part of the worship experience at First Baptist Church in Beverly.

Join Us In Worship at
First Baptist Church in Beverly this Easter Sunday!

Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Alleluia!
All Creation Join to Say Alleluia!

5:45 AM — Beverly’s Ecumenical Sunrise Service at Lynch Park (Rain Location: FBC Beverly)
We welcome all to rise early and gather on Woodbury Beach for Beverly’s Ecumenical Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at Lynch Park (55 Ober Street, Beverly). This inclusive service will begin at 5:45 AM on Woodbury Beach. Our own Rev. Beth Loughhead will be participating in this awakening service that invites all to take in the glory of the morning sunrise as we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter morning.

9:00 AM — Easter Morning Breakfast & Celebration
All are invited to gather in Wilbur Hall before worship to join in the fun, food, and festivities of our PotLuck Celebration Breakfast hosted by the Communal Life and Christian Education Committees where we will feast on a delicious breakfast and partake in celebrations and activities for all ages.

10:15 AM — Children’s Egg Hunt
Join us outside on our playground to hunt for these very special eggs that will be hidden all over the FBC yard. Once we have found all these colorful treasures and have had our morning’s fill of food and fun all are invited to return indoors to our Sanctuary and join us in worship, where we will celebrate the Risen Christ with music and word and praise.

11:00 AM — Worship / Children’s Church School
Before and After
Scripture: Mark 15:42—16:8
Rev. Beth Loughhead, preaching

Gather with us at First Baptist Church in Beverly this Sunday morning for a very special Easter Sunday Worship Service. All are invited and welcome to attend and witness the Ordinance of Baptism, enjoy the glorious sounds of the season and listen to a joyful Easter sermon preached by Rev. Beth Loughhead as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and conclude our 2014
Lenten Worship Series: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Holy Week Special Events

Maundy Thursday, April 17th
Holy Week events continue on Thursday, April 17th with our traditional Tenebrae Service. This quiet, reflective, candlelit service will be held downstairs in our Chapel at 7:00 PM. During this time we will remember the last week of Jesus’ earthly life including the last supper, betrayal, and his crucifixion. Communion will be shared during the service. All are invited and encouraged to attend this service and take several moments out of our busy, hectic lives to welcome a moment of quiet, reflective peace.

Good Friday, April 18th
All are welcome to attend a performance of Mozart’s Requiem at First Parish Church in Beverly (next door to FBC at 225 Cabot Street) performed by Beverly’s Combined Choirs, soloists, and an orchestra of local musicians, all under the direction of FBC Minister of Music Emeritus, Robert Littlefield. Admission is free and the building is handicapped accessible through the rear entrance located
on Essex Street.

Words to Know

A glossary of words used at FBC during worship.

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Communion through the Lord's Supper

In the spirit of openness, we invite any who have made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ to join in the sharing of this meal. On the first Sunday of each month during worship, the FBC congregation remembers this "last supper" with a service of communion.

On the night before Jesus was crucified, he met with his disciples and they shared a meal together. At that last meal, Jesus took bread and wine, common food at a meal in his day, and blessed it in a special way. Jesus used that food and drink to teach his disciples that his life, death, and resurrection would continue to sustain them in the days, months, and years to come. He taught them to remember Him whenever they ate a meal together. Indeed, Christians all over the world in a variety of ways and in many denominations still gather to celebrate this important meal and to be sustained by Christ who is the bread of life. Historically, Baptists have viewed this meal as a memorial - an opportunity to remember what Jesus did for each of us. At FBC, when we break bread together, in addition to remembering Jesus, we hope you will also experience the presence of the risen Christ, for Christ is surely present - present among all who participate - present in the breaking, sharing, eating and drinking. Christ is personally and actively present: cleansing, energizing, challenging, healing and uniting. Anyone who is a member of FBC may be invited to be a communion server.

Typically our Ministers and Deacons serve the congregation the Lord's Supper. There are a variety of methods for sharing communion. It is common Baptist practice to serve each other. This is best accomplished by the ushers passing the tray to the person next to you and allowing them to hold it for you. Parents, we leave it to your discretion whether or not to serve your unbaptized children. After you have been served, hold the bread or cup so that we may all partake together, as directed by the minister.