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Gathering together for times of worship offers us the opportunity to center ourselves in the midst of a busy world, to renew our strength, to respond to God’s loving and leading call to love the challenges before us. In worship, we find strength in one another, in our faith, in the scripture, and in our God. Our worship life is central to our experience as a community of faith and is a time in which all, visitors and old friends alike, are warmly welcomed. Come, just as you are, and be a part of the worship experience at First Baptist Church in Beverly.

Join Us This Sunday at First Baptist Church in Beverly!

Summer Schedule is in Effect

Our summer schedule for worship is 9:30 AM. We invite all to continue to gather with us in our air-conditioned Sanctuary each week throughout the summer until Rally Day.

8:00 AM — Communion in the Woods
Join us in the woods at Beverly Commons Conservation Area (Greenwood Avenue in Beverly Farms) for an alternative worship opportunity this Sunday morning. Kent Harrop will lead us in a mindful walk (walking in silence) as we listen for the ways in which the Creator is speaking to us through creation. This silent morning walk will culminate in the Ritual of Communion.
Directions: From Beverly take Hale Street to Beverly Farms, left at Haskell Street (prior to Saint Margaret Church), .2 miles turn left on Webster Street, .2 miles turn left on Greenwood Ave. approx. .2 miles to intersection of Greenwood and Ridge Road (parking on side of street) arrive at entrance to Beverly Commons Conservation Area. Wear shoes for walking on trail, comfortable clothing, bug spray, water, hat.

8:45 AM — Pick-Up Choir Rehearsal

9:30 AM — Worship
A New Worship Series Begins: An Altar in the World:
Sermon: Walking on the Earth
Scripture: Psalm 121
Rev. Julie Flowers, preaching
Communion will be prepared and served by our Deacons

Upcoming Worship Highlights:
Communion in the Woods: This Summer on July 5th and August 2nd at 8 a.m. FBC will have an alternative worship opportunity at Beverly Commons Conservation Area (Greenwood Avenue in Beverly Farms). Minister Kent Harrop will lead us in a ‘mindful walk’ (walking in silence), as we listen for the ways in which the Creator is speaking to us through creation. Contemplative Paddle Our walk will culminate in the Ritual of Communion. Martin Luther said: “Every blade of grass, every song of a bird are ‘little words from God’. Come and listen! This is a wonderful ‘port of entry’ to invite a friend who is spiritually seeking. (We will walk rain or shine. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, bring water and bug spray and a raincoat if needed). Walking trail is easy and we will walk at a leisurely pace and conclude before 9 a.m. Meeting location is at the entrance to Beverly Commons.

July Worship Services

Sunday, July 12:
An Altar in the World: Getting Lost
Gather with us in worship at 9:30 AM in our Sanctuary as we enter chapter five and “The Practice of Getting Lost.” We will explore the story of Abram and Sara who wandered for thirty years, armed with only a promise. Rev. Kent Harrop, preaching.

Sunday, July 19: Worship in the Park & All-Church Picnic
An Altar in the World: Encountering Others
Join us at Lynch Park this Sunday morning for a special Worship in the Park at 9:30 AM followed by our All Church Picnic. See all the details in our “Worship in the Park” article inside this Bulletin! Rev. Julie Flowers will be preach-ing at this outdoor service as we celebrate community and “The Practice of Encountering Others” (chapter six). Rain location: FBC Sanctuary

Sunday, July 26:
An Altar in the World: Living with a Purpose
We’ll begin worship at 9:30 AM in our air-conditioned sanctuary where we will learn the practice of living with a purpose and the art of striving to become like Christ (chapter seven). Rev. Kent Harrop, preaching.

Words to Know

A glossary of words used at FBC during worship.

Recent Sermons

Video Sermons
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An Altar in the World: The Practice of Wearing Skin
Rev. Julie Flowers
June 28, 2015

An Altar in the World: Paying Attention
Rev. Kent Harrop
June 21, 2015

An Altar in the World: Waking Up to God
Rev. Kent Harrop
June 14, 2015

Wisdom from the First Century Church
Rev. Kent Harrop &
Rev. Julie Flowers
June 7, 2015

Shipwrecked! But...
Rev. Julie Flowers
May 31, 2015

Seeking God in a Forest of Gods
Rev. Kent Harrop
May 24, 2015

Building a Beautiful City
Reflections by: Rachel Stoneham and Hannah Tsukroff
May 10, 2015

Wisdom of Lydia
Rev. Kent Harrop
May 3, 2015

A Few Favorites
Rev. Beth Loughhead
April 25, 2015

Acting Out
Pam Constantine and Eric Beaudry
April 19, 2015

Rev. Julie Flowers
April 12, 2015

Words from the Cross
Rev. Kent Harrop
April 5, 2015

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Communion through the Lord's Supper

In the spirit of openness, we invite any who have made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ to join in the sharing of this meal. On the first Sunday of each month during worship, the FBC congregation remembers this "last supper" with a service of communion.

On the night before Jesus was crucified, he met with his disciples and they shared a meal together. At that last meal, Jesus took bread and wine, common food at a meal in his day, and blessed it in a special way. Jesus used that food and drink to teach his disciples that his life, death, and resurrection would continue to sustain them in the days, months, and years to come. He taught them to remember Him whenever they ate a meal together. Indeed, Christians all over the world in a variety of ways and in many denominations still gather to celebrate this important meal and to be sustained by Christ who is the bread of life. Historically, Baptists have viewed this meal as a memorial - an opportunity to remember what Jesus did for each of us. At FBC, when we break bread together, in addition to remembering Jesus, we hope you will also experience the presence of the risen Christ, for Christ is surely present - present among all who participate - present in the breaking, sharing, eating and drinking. Christ is personally and actively present: cleansing, energizing, challenging, healing and uniting. Anyone who is a member of FBC may be invited to be a communion server.

Typically our Ministers and Deacons serve the congregation the Lord's Supper. There are a variety of methods for sharing communion. It is common Baptist practice to serve each other. This is best accomplished by the ushers passing the tray to the person next to you and allowing them to hold it for you. Parents, we leave it to your discretion whether or not to serve your unbaptized children. After you have been served, hold the bread or cup so that we may all partake together, as directed by the minister.