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Staff and Leadership

The ministerial staff of the First Baptist Church in Beverly operate in a Team Ministry, to the fullest extent. The Team Ministry concept is based on the theological principle that all ministries and all persons are of equal value and importance in the eyes of God. In the same way, all ministries and all persons are equally needed in order for the church to function fully and properly.

The model of ministry that Jesus offers us is one of mutuality, partnership, and servanthood. Practically speaking, this means that all the three ministers are on equal footing. All three ministers have been called by the congregation and are accountable and answerable to the congregation. The three ministers share worship leadership, preaching, and all pastoral care concerns as mutually agreed upon.

The role of the Church Council

The Church Council serves as a place and a forum for representatives from all of the church’s Committees and Boards to come together along with staff  and the Moderator and Church Clerk to do long-term planning, focus on ideas about church growth, to do some work with the budget process, and to help implement ideas that come from the church at large, as well as to send ideas along for the consideration of the wider congregational body at the Mid-Year and Annual Meetings.
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Our Staff

Rev. Julie Flowers
Rev. Kent Harrop
Rev. Beth Loughhead

Director of Music:
Dr. Esther Chang Redington

Business Manager:
John Thomson

Office Staff:
Pat Haight

Who We Are

Rev. Julie Flowers graduated in 2001 from Wellesley College; she holds a BA in English and Spanish. She received her M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School in 2007, where she was a finalist for the prestigious Billings Preaching Prize. Julie has also served as chaplain intern at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton. She is a member of the Beverly Rotary Club, through which she is able to meet with many other community members and to be engaged in active and lively community service, like that practiced and valued by the church. In her free time she enjoys skiing and sailing (depending on the season!), reading, going to local Farmer’s Markets, and spending time with her son, Emmett, and their dog, Madeline.

Rev. Kent Harrop is the newest member of the staff as of May 2014. For the previous 20 years he was pastor of First Baptist Church in McMinnville, Oregon. In 2013 he was named Ecumenical Leader of the Year by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon . In 2013 he completed a two year program in Contemplative Leadership through the Shalem Institute in Washington, DC. He received his Master of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School in 1983. Kent is a native of Rhode Island and avid member of Red Sox Nation. He is married to Tricia and they have two adult daughters, Lindsay who lives and works in Los Angeles and Katelyn who attends Ithaca College, NY. For fun he likes to kayak and canoe, run (slow and steady), backpack, read and walk their dog, Sandy. Kent writes a blog on the spiritual life at www.greenpreacher.wordpress.com

Rev. Beth Loughhead joined the staff at First Baptist in August of 1989. Beth served at the First Baptist Church in Newton Centre, MA, at Harbor Me (services for battered women) and in the ABCUSA's Department of Ministry with Youth before coming to Beverly. She received her M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School. Currently, she is in her third semester of serving as Adjunct Faculty at Andover Newton Theological School. Beth is married to Dr. James P. Gubbins, who is an Assistant Professor at Salem State University. They love to travel, with their two favorite trips being to China to bring home their daughter, Anna Mei, and to Cambodia to bring home their son, Matthew.

Dr. Esther Chang Redington came to FBC in 1998 and is a native of Korea who grew up in Canada. She received her Masters Degree from Eastman School of Music, and her Doctorate Degree through a fellowship from the University of Illinois. Prior to her work with FBC, she served as a faculty member of the Canadian Institute of Performing Arts, and served several churches as Director of Music. In 1998, Esther won the Royal Canadian College of Organist National Organ Competition. Esther is married to Bruce Redington and they have a son, Ben.

John Thomson serves as Business Manager of FBC. He graduated from Yale College and received his law degree from Harvard Law. John has extensive experience in real estate law and has served on the City of Beverly Planning Board and the Beverly Historical Society Board of Directors. John lives in Beverly with his wife Loyce. Empty nesters, John and his wife Loyce enjoy visiting their son Dave and his wife Laura and their daughter Annsley in their respective Beverly homes.