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Community Outreach

Monday Night Suppers
An interfaith project organized and hosted by FBC to feed 40-70 people in need every Monday night. A variety of community organizations plan and cook the meal using the FBC kitchen and gymnasium. If interested in volunteering or donating food, please contact the .

Lunch Program
The Lunch Program provides mid-day meals to people in need every Tuesday and Saturday in the White Whale at 12:30pm. The White Whale is located next to the FBC building.

Beverly Bootstraps Community Services
Founded by FBC, Beverly Bootstraps is a non-profit community based organization providing a myriad of services to the community including: a food pantry, Serve Food Co-op, literacy program, GED/ESL training, Teen Cyber Café, Thrift Shop, summer park lunch program, heat assistance, and a community garden. Although Bootstraps has moved out of the church and into its own building, the congregation generously supports their work. For information contact Beverly Bootstraps at 978-927-1561.

River House
FBC has been instrumental in the creation, funding and ongoing support of Beverly’s Homeless Shelter and Single Room Occupancy Transitional Housing Program. For more information, contact Cindy Beckford at 978-921-1304.

Satellite Ministries

FBC has established and maintained various ministries in Beverly that has addressed identified needs of various groups of individuals. From pre-school children to our senior citizens, FBC has had a positive impact of the quality of life of thousands of individuals.

Harborlight Nursery School
Nationally accredited by the NAEYC, Harborlight Nursery School is a non-denominational nursery school housed in bright, sunny rooms in the church building. Each year it serves over a hundred children and their families. For information contact , Director, at 978-927-9030.

Harborlight House
Initially begun as congregate living for well elderly in 1963, Harborlight House is now a fully certified assisted living home for low and moderate income senior citizens. Located in two charming Victorian homes on Monument Square that were renovated in 1999, Harborlight House provides a family-like environment for thirty-five residents of varying faiths. For information contact the Karen Estey, Manager at 978-927-2121.

Turtle Creek and Turtle Woods
Turtle Creek and Turtle Woods, founded in 1983 & 1996 respectively, form a retirement community for low and moderate income senior citizens. Located in a country setting, this community is connected to neighboring towns by public and private transportation and offers residents a modern, safe and affordable option for comfortable living. For information contact Yvonne Graham at 978-927-1112.

FBC Community Inreach

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This popular ministry is a wonderful way to care for someone who is ill, grieving, or even celebrating a special moment in life. The shawl maker begins with prayers and blessings for the recipient. The intentions are continued throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way. For more information or to join the ministry, please contact a Minister.

prayershawl prayer shawl prayer shawl

Lay Visitation

Providing a caring and pastoral presence to the members and friends of FBC is a ministry of all the people. The Lay Visitation Ministry Team is comprised of members of the congregation who regularly visit members and prospective members to offer a ministry of presence. The team members meet monthly for an educational experience and visit members in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes on a regular visit. For more information or to ask for a visitation, please contact Kent Harrop.

Harborlight Community Partners (HCP)

Beginning in 1985, the church began to provide property management services to all of its affiliated facilities through Harborlight Community Partners.

Today, Harborlight Community Partners, Inc. is a growing non-profit organization with the capacity and sustainability to provide affordable housing across Southern Essex County.

By anticipating the housing needs of the region's increasing underserved population and creating, preserving and operating safe, affordable housing units and supportive services, Harborlight Community Partners, Inc. strives to make homes available to all North Shore citizens, regardless of means.

The corporation also handles custodial and maintenance services, contracts, purchasing, financial and a host of other administrative functions for the ever-expanding constellation of ministries sponsored by the Church. For information contact Andrew DeFranza.