Families With Children

Children are very important to the life of the church family at First Baptist Church in Beverly!  We view children as an important part of the body of Christ and of the body of the church, and they are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the life of the church.  Although we provide Nursery Care for infants and toddlers throughout the worship service, as well as care for children in Preschool through Grade 1 at the outset of the worship time , all children of any age are welcome to accompany parents and caregivers to worship at any time.  We do encourage all children in Grade 2 and above to begin the worship time sitting with their families, and we provide books and activities of which they can make use during that time, if desired.  During the worship time, there will be a Stepsitters message for all children, and then children can be dismissed to attend our Multiage Children’s Class or to return to Nursery Care, in the case of our youngest children.  Children are not required to leave at this time, however, and some children do prefer to remain with their families in the worship service for the duration.

We support whatever decision works best for each unique child and family, and what is most important to us is that children and families feel at home and comfortable in our worship space and time.  Children help us to remember the wonder and joy that can be found in the smallest moments, and we feel privileged to have them join us in our church family.

For an excellent take on why children belong in church, please check out this outstanding blog post 

Thank you for sharing your children with us!


Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

Mothers are welcome to nurse their children wherever and whenever is comfortable, including in the Sanctuary during worship service, but we realize that some mothers prefer more privacy.

One option is the Lounge at the rear of the Sanctuary. The Lounge has comfortable couches and chairs, as well as wide doors open to the Sanctuary, allowing parents a comfortable environment with full view of the worship service. The Lounge also has a speaker system that connects with the Sanctuary sound system.

A second option is the Parents’ Lounge on the lower level of the building, with a couch, rocking chair, and toys for young children. This room also has a set of speakers so that parents and caregivers are able to hear the worship service from the space that best suits the needs of their families.


Nursery Care and Childcare

To ensure that parents of young children are able to fully participate in the life of the church, childcare is provide for all-church meetings and major church events.

Nursery Care and Childcare for young children (first grade and younger) is available during worship, provided by a certified Infant/Toddler and Preschool teacher.  Parents and caregivers will be asked to sign their children in and to provide a cell phone number at which they can be reached. During the worship service, we ask that this cell phone is kept on vibrate so that our childcare provider can easily reach you in the event your child needs you.


Children’s Christian Education

Children in Grades 2 and up are encouraged to begin worship sitting with their families, and will then be dismissed for their class following the Stepsitters children’s message.

Teachers lead the class in teams of two, and all teachers have been CORI checked and attend regular teacher training sessions to continue to deepen their skill and to prepare their class time.

Our curriculum is designed to work well for all types of learning styles, and we work with each family to meet each child’s unique needs.

Parents and caregivers can pick their children up in the Nursery Room and Upstairs Classroom following the worship service, so that each child can be dismissed to you with care.

For more information on our curriculum and Christian Education for grades 6-12, please see our Sunday School page. Children in Middle School and High School are also invited to our Youth Fellowship program, which provides a greater focus on individual growth and public service.


Worship Materials for Children

At the rear of the sanctuary we have a children’s bookshelf with wonderful books that change with the season, as well as many children’s Bibles.  Any child is welcome to take a book or two from the shelf and take it to his or her seat during worship.  Children are also welcome to make use of the biblical puzzles and the coloring pages that can be found on that bookshelf.  Children may get up at any time during worship to get a new book, if need be.


Parents’/Caregivers’ Night Out

The church regularly hosts Parents’ Night Out events, free of charge, for families.  At these events, staff and volunteers will be ready to receive your children for a time of fun, dinner, music, art, and learning (like a mini Vacation Bible School experience) while you are free to go out to dinner, run needed errands, meet friends, or do any of the many things that busy parents need to fit into increasingly tight schedules. See our Calendar page to see when the next event is scheduled.