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Christian Education

Here at First Baptist Church, we consider the education of children, youth, and adults to be a top priority. We firmly believe that Christian Education provides a strong foundation for our children and our youth and that a life of learning, questioning and study allows our faith to continue to grow so that we might consistently be transformed by the wonders of God’s people and world. An open and inclusive American Baptist church with respect for varied religious traditions, First Baptist aims to teach the Christian story, to nurture a love for worship, and to help children, youth, and adults discern how to be Jesus’ disciples, loving the challenge of bringing peace, justice, and personal integrity to this world.

Opportunities for Children & Youth

Childcare/Nursery Care
We offer childcare for children of all ages during the 9:30 AM education time so that parents who wish to attend an adult class can do so. We also offer Nursery care for our youngest children (infants up to preschool age) throughout the 11:00 AM worship time. Both of these care opportunities are provided by Emily Harting, a highly skilled caregiver who is certified in Early Childhood Education and who has many years of experience with First Baptist Church.
Where to find it: Look for childcare opportunities in the Infant/Toddler Room on the main level of the church.

Multi-Age Children’s Class — This year we will be continuing our new education experience for our children and youth, beginning on Sunday, September 27th. We will continue our class as a one-room schoolhouse structured classroom and a rotation-style curriculum with multiple learning stations designed for various ages and learning styles. Children from preschool age to grade five will meet together with adult teachers and Middle School /Senior High Youth as leaders and mentors. This class will meet during the 11:00 worship hour and will begin after the “Stepsitters” children’s message. The class will incorporate music, singing, movement, story-telling, and hands-on projects, all guided by the excellent curriculum, Come Join the Circle, which seeks to teach not only about the stories of faith but about the work of social justice and advocacy in the world and to empower children and youth to act and to do good out in the wider world.
Where to find it: Look for our multiage class in Upstairs Nursery I, located on the main level of the church.

NEW Middle School/Senior High Class Adventure and Experience!
This year, the Christian Education committee is offering something new for our Middle School and Senior High youth! Rather than meet in a traditional weekly class format, we are inviting all middle school and senior high youth to join us once a month (the 4th Sunday of each month!), right after worship, for a meal and conversation around the table about the Bible, faith, issues and questions in your everyday lives, and the places where these all intersect. The first gathering will be held on Sunday, October 23rd, and we want to get your input on what you would like from a gathering like this at that time. Meet in the kitchen at noon/immediately after worship, and we’ll take it from there! (Parents/families – please note that Esther Redington is also holding the newly revitalized children’s choir on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, immediately after worship, so we hope that for families with younger/older sibling mixes, it will be helpful to have all these events aligned – please let Julie Flowers know if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback!)

Christian Education is...
- Learning about the Bible
   and Jesus' teachings
- Learning about Jesus'
   humanity and our own
- Forgiveness
- Learning about the Church
- Learning about worship
- Belief in God
- Knowing that God is love
- Learning how to question
- The beginning of knowing
   that the church is a home
- Learning how our church is

Our Teachers

Our lead teachers have extensive experience teaching children and commit to working with our children for an entire church year, September to June. In keeping with our Safe Church policy, it is our goal to always have two adults in a classroom.

Classes for Adults: Tools to Tackle Life's Challenges

Faith is a journey, not a destination. At First Baptist, a commitment to adult education encourages adults to continue to work on their faith, to question, to wonder, and to set our sails to catch the wind of learning and exploration. New members are always welcome in our adult classes, at any point in the year. Unless otherwise noted, classes meet at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Read more about the classes for adults!